Monday, August 15, 2011

NECA - Bioshock LED Review

<The below is in draft>

The Story

3 out of 5.  The mold is perfect to the Big Daddy in Bioshock, the quality of figure I acquired is absolutely poor for a figure at this price point.  The focus of this toon is not just its shear size, but the drill.  At the base of this one-handed auger of piercing amazement, is pure disappointment.  Approximately 40% of it is warped, bent and uneven.  The tanks fail to remain inserted into the back of the figure.  They quickly fallout shortly after insertion.  In fact, 2 minutes after opening the package and inserting the tanks this once amazing piece of art broke.  When you put this guy together, make sure you do it over carpet.  The air gauge snapped right off upon impact with my wooden floor.

3 out of 5.  While the macro perspective is perfect, the manufacturing process leaves much to be desired.  First off, turn your office lights off and light-up your Bid Daddy.  As you gaze upon the boulder sized helmet you'll notice the intense LED light shining through paint blemishes.  There is little option for a buyer to test out the paint application of the figure prior to purchasing.  A little bit of touch-up paint may go a long way to resolve this issue.  The problem increases as you explore the portals across the helmet.  You may find light escaping from uneven paint application around the portals.  Since this piece is focuses on the lighting up your Bid Daddy experience, there should be improved QA standards in the helmet paint application.  Otherwise, the body is done very nice.  The clothing and metal all look like this figure went through a service exhibition through Rapture; only a few sloppy traces of paint skews this from a perfect 5 stars.